Martine travaille……and madame-soussou is working….

It should work now, the holidays are over …… almost. Our beautiful region of southern France is still bathed in sunlight. It should also enjoy these beautiful and long summer days.
What’s the weather like where you are? Friends and clients around the world? Is the summer at home, in your country? Is this winter? or fall.
Some purchases of old fabrics and coming back to you with some antique french fabrics. Enjoy discover my latest finds.

Blue and blue, I love blue colour and you? Let me know…..

DSCN5551 DSCN5560


2 thoughts on “Martine travaille……and madame-soussou is working….

  1. Melanie Rahiser

    Hello, I have been visiting your various sites for over a year. I travel to France up to 3 times a year buying antique textiles and clothes for my 2 antique design libraries. My businesses are in New York City and in Los Angeles. I would love to visit you the next time I travel to France. Where are you located? I need to buy hundreds of things each year and am hoping you will have lots of things for me. I can also use very small textile pieces and enchantillions too. I love the large beautiful printed and woven curtain panels also. Please email me as to your location and telephone number. I can speak French in a limited fashion. Sincerely, Melanie

    1. Martine Post author

      Hello Melanie,

      Melanie thank you for your very nice message. I live in the south of France, one small village . But I do not shop.
      Can you tell me what you want and I can send you pictures. It will be our pleasure.
      Textile what you buy? silk? velvet? printed cottons?
      Let me know, if you desired.

      Best regards and thank you again for your interest for my website



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