Madame-soussou and Lisa…..

I have my friend Lisa , My Australian friend…. beautiful young woman who lives very far away from our beautiful France. The distant Australia is his country and from many  years she collects  French fabrics she buy from my store

Lisa loved it  , this large velvet with floral decor and large bouquets , I think it will be a lot of fun, make a beautiful and large and elegants pillows  ..

Thank you Dear Lisa…

antique french velvet with floral decor DSCN5525

2 thoughts on “Madame-soussou and Lisa…..

  1. lisa pemberton holden

    I am always grateful for your french textile passion Martine …… it allows me to create beautiful items for myself and for others to enjoy. Thank you! I will send photos of velvet cushions once created. Love from Oz! Xxx


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