Madame-soussou and antique french fair

Today ,  Martine buys in the south west of France.
In this beautiful region of Landes, in the village or houses with blue shutters in the middle of large gardens, or Hydrangeas are blue, like the ocean, I found a nice antique fair.

Tomorrow pictures and prices of my last purchases, antique French fabrics, japanese embroidery, One amazing tolie  Indienne with birds and butterfly and a lot of amazing textiles   !

On my picture, house with red color, typical houses ” style Basque “.



IMG_0826 IMG_0827




2 thoughts on “Madame-soussou and antique french fair

  1. lisa pemberton holden

    I loved reading your blog! Fantastic to finally see a photo of you at the market ……..a very stylish lady….. just what i had imagined ! Keep up all the amazing treasure hunting! Love from Sydney xxx

  2. Martine Post author

    Hello Dear Lisa,

    Yhank you for your letting and your kindness.
    I’ll meet you with great pleasure, I hope that the sale of your cushions works.
    I’m sure you’ll have an excellent customer, you have a lot of taste.
    Love from South of France



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