Madame soussou and gold metallic tassels

I love the golden tassels and many of my clients have started collections .
Emily, my  kindness and  fidele  customer hangs these splendors these keyrings. In France, these tassels are sewn on sumptuous ceremonies  vestments.
You‘ll love this rich piece  ornate  with rhinestones, rose, green and red.  French haute couture use them to decorate jackets and dresses and bags, cabas, handbags.
Treat yourself, you can buy and you will be happy with these tassels. Amazing antique French passementery.




Madame-soussou and Lisa…..

I have my friend Lisa , My Australian friend…. beautiful young woman who lives very far away from our beautiful France. The distant Australia is his country and from many  years she collects  French fabrics she buy from my store

Lisa loved it  , this large velvet with floral decor and large bouquets , I think it will be a lot of fun, make a beautiful and large and elegants pillows  ..

Thank you Dear Lisa…

antique french velvet with floral decor DSCN5525

Martine travaille……and madame-soussou is working….

It should work now, the holidays are over …… almost. Our beautiful region of southern France is still bathed in sunlight. It should also enjoy these beautiful and long summer days.
What’s the weather like where you are? Friends and clients around the world? Is the summer at home, in your country? Is this winter? or fall.
Some purchases of old fabrics and coming back to you with some antique french fabrics. Enjoy discover my latest finds.

Blue and blue, I love blue colour and you? Let me know…..

DSCN5551 DSCN5560


Madame-soussou and antique french fair

Today ,  Martine buys in the south west of France.
In this beautiful region of Landes, in the village or houses with blue shutters in the middle of large gardens, or Hydrangeas are blue, like the ocean, I found a nice antique fair.

Tomorrow pictures and prices of my last purchases, antique French fabrics, japanese embroidery, One amazing tolie  Indienne with birds and butterfly and a lot of amazing textiles   !

On my picture, house with red color, typical houses ” style Basque “.



IMG_0826 IMG_0827




Madame-soussou and blue fabric

Here in France, it is summer and Madame- Soussou

selected for you a very beautiful blue  cotton fabric .

Discover in my shop this wonderful 19th-century cotton. Amazing cherubinis and birds.

This is a very nice fresh toile and you can decorate your beautiful house.

Do not forget to decorate your canopy, this fabric is very large.